Have You Tried This Snuggle?

**I have not been compensated by Snuggle in any way. This is all on my own and they have no idea who I am!**

I discovered the new Snuggle Plus Super Fresh in the aisle the other week at Kroger. It was on sale and I had a coupon, of course. I love the smell of all the Snuggles anyway, so I figured it would be good. This stuff is phenomenal! It leaves the laundry smelling absolutely amazing. Even the stinky socks that Bubby and Hunny give me! It is a close second to hanging the laundry out on the line. I love using it with the sheets and bedclothes. It leaves them smelling great for a long time. I was reading that it is the first and only fabric conditioner with odor eliminating technology. I am highly impressed with this one. I think this has to be the best one Snuggle has come out with so far. You have to go check it out!


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