Where I've Been...

We've been in Baltimore/DC area! We left on Thursday and got to Baltimore to see the Aquarium, which we went to on Friday. This is Doodle and Bubby in front of one of the tanks. We really liked the hotel we stayed at, the Holiday Inn Mount Vernon; it was in a historic building. Very nice and elegant. Then we left and went to DC. Learning the Metro was an experience. But, we didn't get lost! Yay! We ate at some really great restaurants too. If you haven't had a Potbelly sandwich, you are missing out! We went to the Nationals game on Saturday. I thought Doodle was going to explode she was so excited to see Bryce Harper. They lost, but she got to see him do an awesome catch in the outfield. We walked so much, I thought my legs were going to fall off. But, we had fun and saw some wonderful things. I love all the historical and old buildings. We got to see the first Basilica built in America. It was across from our hotel in Baltimore! Gorgeous building! But, we are back! Exhausted, but home!


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