A Fishing Review! (From Hubby!)

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This is an Ecooda Tiro Baitcasting Reel from KastKing that is wound with KastKing World's Premium Monofilament Clear Line. Since I do not fish very much, I had Hubby try these out. He and Bubby and Doodle love to fish. They took it to the Moose that Hubby is a member of and had an afternoon of fishing. Hubby has been fishing since he was little. I have fished on occasion, mostly when I was younger, but a few times with Hubby. Since we've had kids, less though! Just because he has the  kids to fish with now!  When he first started winding the reel with the line, he fell in love with this reel. It casts smoothly, winds smoothly and when he caught a fish, it reeled it in smoothly. He said it was wonderful all the way around. He actually couldn't find anything about it he didn't like. The colors are just beautiful and the workmanship just impeccable. He also said that the line held up and didn't break, like some lines he's used in the past have. It didn't snag, not when casting or reeling in. I couldn't get over how many colors the line comes in. The clear one we got blended in with the water really well and I think that helped with how many fish were caught! I would definitely recommend this reel and line based on what Hubby reported to me! You can find the reel here on Amazon and the fishing line here on Amazon.



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