Where I Was This Weekend!

Me and Hubby got to go on our "no kid" weekend! We went to Charlotte NC to go to Carowinds. This is Hubby right before we went on a zipline at National Whitewater Center outside Charlotte. It was so much fun. Isn't he cute in his gear? We did that Thursday and then Friday spent the whole day at Carowinds. We went on every roller coaster at least once, some 3-4 times. Unfortunately, I didn't know that my motion sickness was going to rear it's ugly head after about the twelfth time! I had never ridden that many roller coasters at once! It was so much fun though. We stayed at the Homewoods in Davidson which was a really pretty hotel. Then Saturday, we went to Cherokee to gamble, which we discovered I'm a terrible gambler. We came out with .10! Terrible gambler. But, I got to drink a Manhatten in a casino with my Hubby, so I'm happy! We spent the night in Asheville which has got to be the  most interesting downtown I have ever seen. We saw street performers and a man dressed as a nun riding a bike and a bike powered bar! Those were the neatest things! On the way from Cherokee to Asheville we stopped at Soco Falls which is gorgeous!
Here we are there. You can't see the falls though, they were below us. The mountains were just breathtaking. It was just a wonderful time just being together. And the kids survived. It was the first time that we left them home by themselves. We figured since Izzie is almost 20, it was safe. It was hilarious though because by Friday, I was getting texts from all three kids saying they missed us and when were we coming home and Izzie even said that she has more respect for me now as a mother! It was just a great time!!


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