Summer Memories

In keeping with the summer theme, I was thinking about summer memories. This picture is of my grandparents' farm when they bought it back in the late 30's to early 40's. It is still in the family today. The house is a little different since my grandfather built 2 more bedrooms upstairs and added 2 bathrooms downstairs and the landscaping has grown up considerably. This is where most of my summers were spent. My mother's brothers and sister would all come here and we would all pile into the house. I have 2 brothers, 4 boy cousins and 2 girl cousins on this side. The house was always full and loud and crazy. We would get up in the morning and eat breakfast fast and then be outside until it was time to eat again. Grandma didn't have cable, she had a party telephone line until the late 80's, so we had to entertain ourselves. It's a wonder sometimes we didn't kill each other! We would play in the barn, in the trees, (there's an apple orchard to the right of the house now), we would play war, go on hikes all around in the woods. And there was always family around us. That's the part that I love to remember. I remember at bedtime, all us girls would be in the "pink" room and I would fall asleep listening to all the grown ups downstairs laughing and talking. It was a great way to spend summers. How did you spend your summers growing up?


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