Restful Sleep Review!

**I received this product in return for my 100% honest, unbiased review. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements**

I have struggled with insomnia for many years. It wasn't so bad when the kids were little and I was exhausted from babies keeping me awake all night, but now I swear I could go days with no sleep. So, I was very interested in trying Botanyst Restful Sleep. This is 100% natural and based on traditional Chinese medicine. The key ingredient is Astragulus,  an ancient traditional Chinese herb used and documented in medical texts dating as far back as 220AD for its health-promoting effects on the spleen. They have found that the spleen helps to shut your mind off at night to help you sleep. And I know my mind doesn't shut up. I found that this really did help me relax. I took two about an hour before bed and I noticed that there was a definite difference. I did fall asleep quickly but my problem is I still wake up during the night. But, that happens with me with anything I have tried. I really liked that it helped me relax. It is available on Amazon and they have given me a code so you good readers can get 20% off! Use code SAVEREST!

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