My Newest Project!

This used to be Izzie's room. It's the smallest bedroom in the house and I have decided to change it into a den/sewing room. I'm going to paint it a very pretty purple color tomorrow, which is good since this room hasn't been painted since I was pregnant with Bubby, 11 years ago! This is just the beginning. I haven't been able to decorate too much since I was waiting to get the paint first. The good thing is that it won't take me long to paint since it's little. Hubby likes having the desk to do his paperwork for work at and I love that I don't have to put my sewing machine up every time I'm done now. AND I got to buy the rotary cutter I wanted today! It's a Singer one that is pink and it goes for 17$, but Joann's has a 60% off coupon going on until July 1 so I got it for 7$! Yay!


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