It's Summer!

Well, the kids are officially out of school! Friday was Bubby's last day and Doodle has been out since Wednesday since she only had 2 exams she had to take. Over the weekend, my niece graduated. I am feeling old. And sad. I officially have a junior in college, a senior in high school and a 6th grader. I no longer have a child in the elementary school. I have had a child in that school since it opened 13 years ago! And, to add insult to injury, Izzie is supposed to move out into an apartment at the end of the week! They were supposed to stay little! So, I have been a little reflective and quiet. This empty nest thing is not going to be easy. My best friend called me yesterday just to check on me. Who else out there is going through the empty nest? Or emptying nest? We should start a support group. We could have wine and cookies. Or coffee. But definitely cookies....


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