Have You Heard of Bookroo?

I would have loved this site when the kids were little. Bookroo.com is a book subscription site where you can receive book shipments every month starting at 19.99$! They have month to month plans or 3 months or 6 month plans.This is such a great idea because I am a long time believer that the earlier you start reading to your child, the better. I was reading to my kids when they were days old. Now, I have 3 kids who all love to read and one that collects as many books as possible. And one who's favorite book is Dante's Inferno, if you can believe that one. (Interesting book, but definitely not a fave of mine!) Reading to children just sets them up for greatness. The more they read, the more they learn, and the more they learn, the more prepared they will be for their schooling. And reading is so much fun! Especially at the younger ages, with books like Good Night Moon and The Going To Bed Book. The Board Book plan gives you 3 books in each shipment and the Picture Book plan gives you 2. This would make such a great gift too! The plans range from 19.99 for month to month, the 3 month plan is 55.99, and the 6 month plan is 104.99. And if you think about it, buying all these books at retail prices would be way more than these prices. Go check out Bookroo.com and start building your library!


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