42 BEES Tweezers Review and Giveaway!

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I am in love with these tweezers from 42 BEES! These are fantastic! I haven't used them for anything but tweezing my brows, but they work great! They have a built in brow comb and have a slant tip which makes getting those pesky hairs really easy! Their extra sharp points make them easy-to-use. They are sharpened to .4 mm! These ingrown hair tweezers that will allow you to whisk away hairs without damaging already irritated skin. Use them as first aid tweezers for removing ticks and splinters. With their revolutionary design, the tweezers are even ideal for hair removal from difficult-to-treat areas like nose hair, ear hair and hair along the bikini line. They come in a little tube to keep them sanitary, which I love. And they are made out of stainless steel so they will last a good long time! They are available on Amazon and I highly recommend these! And they are giving away a pair!


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