What A Great Day!

So, after getting up at 5:45 this morning to take Doodle to get on a bus to go to Busch Gardens with her chorus class, we went yard saling since our library was having their big sale and one big neighborhood near us was having their annual neighborhood sale. The first thing we found was a badminton set, which Hubby has been wanting. This coffee table, we found at the next sale, is one that the kids and Hubby wanted, but I refused to pay full price at Big Lots for. They were very angry at me because I wouldn't. Instead of paying 250$, we got it for 50$. Much better price. Then at the library, I got a bag of new clothes and we found a bunch of old books for Doodle, which she will go crazy for. But, what I am so excited about was my mail day today! Guess what finally came?
My lemon tree! His name is Norm. I got my shipment from Michigan Bulb which had my dwarf lemon tree, strawberry plants, lavender, pink muhly grass, double anemones, gladiolias, and a raspberry bush! I named the raspberry bush Cliff to go with Norm. (Who else liked Cheers years ago?) I got to cut down the ugly bush that has been next to the front door forever! I spent most of the day outside cutting, digging and planting. It was great! Did everyone else have a great day? I hope so!


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