Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Brush Review!

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My hubby loves to grill. I don't really know any husband who doesn't. We actually bought a brand new grill last night because the other one had died. And he was quite tickled with himself too! It's one with the charcoal side and propane side. Fancy. And I had just received this Stainless Steel BBQ brush to try out too! The Elite Chef Grill brush has a  stainless steel handle and bristles that don't gum up with grease and clean all the sides! My husband really liked how long the handle is. He said that most brushes he's tried had handles that are too short so he burns his fingers trying to clean. That didn't happen with this one which made him very happy. Nobody likes burnt fingers!

This is available on Amazon for 15.98! That is a great price for a 17 inch handled completely stainless steel brush! Great product!


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