Graduation Help

Since it's that time of year again and people are getting ready for their childrens' graduations, I figured I would share what I learned about getting ready for my oldest's graduation and party! As you all know, she is the first to leave the nest so I am learning by trial and error. But, I like to pass along any little nuggets of wisdom I pick up along the way.

-Be prepared for ANYTHING! The day of her graduation, we had a monsoon. My brother couldn't even make it in because flights were delayed and cancelled it was raining so hard. My cousin joked because the day of her birth there were terrible thunderstorms that "Don't have her wedding outside."

-Book the venue early if you are not having it at your house. We had her party at a nearby park where we rented the pavilion for 25$ and it was really lovely. We were right next to the river. But, the pavilion we wanted had already been taken and I rented it in February. So, go early.

-We went simple on the food. Hamburgers and hot dogs. Hubby grilled and we had simple fixins. You don't want to be worrying about the food instead of enjoying the day.

-Bring tissues. Buy waterproof mascara. You will cry. Both times.

-For the announcements, I went with Shutterfly. I got more than enough for about 50$. There are always coupon codes and Lord knows they are way cheaper than Jostens through the school. For the party invites, I went to Wal Mart and picked up some pretty printer paper, drafted the invite up on the computer and printed them. Each pack was less than 2$. And they looked professional.

-Just remember to enjoy. This is the only time your child will graduate from high school and all they are going to remember is that you took the time to have the party and that they got presents. Breathe and love on them.


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