Country Herbals Review!

**I received product in return for my 100% honest opinion. All opinions are my own**

(Forgive the pic. My camera is acting up)

I am new to Country Herbals but I am liking their products! This herbal shampoo is lovely. It is 100% natural and contains no waxes so there is no build up. The smell is very light, not quite citrusy, not quite floral, but lovely. It contains chamomile, sage, yarrow, rosemary and birch leaf. My hair loved it. It's not too thick, not too thin, and lathers really well. I didn't even need to use as much as I do with commercial shampoos. And rinses easily. I hate shampoos that you have to rinse for like 15 minutes and you still don't have everything out! Oh, and the owner, Lauren, even added Goat's Milk soap with charcoal, eucalyptus and lavender! It smells heavenly! And that is all natural too. My skin soaked it up. Check out their website  and see what all they have! They have soaps, shampoo, herbal remedies, you name it! Another high recommendation!


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