Another Soapbox Post...

Now, for those of you who do not know, I am a full time housewife. I have been the entire time I have been married except for one year when I took a part time job before Bubby was born. This is a decision I made with my husband before our children were born and is my career choice. Yes, I call it a career. I am a chef, maid, laundress, nurse, therapist, gardener, personal shopper, vet, plumber, you name it. Most days, I don't know what day it is because I'm so busy. Which is why it gets my goat when other people put down what I do. I have heard that I don't have my own identity, I couldn't get a job, why don't I get a "real" job, you name it. And I don't understand this mentality. My favorite is that I'm "a slave". I don't judge people by their jobs. Why am I thought to be less because I choose to serve my family? One woman, who is the mom of one of Doodle's friends just made my heart melt when I met her. She is a teacher at one of the elementary schools and a single mom to 2 boys. Her and I had just met and were talking as moms do and she asked me what I do. I explained I was a housewife and her response was priceless. "Oh, you get to take care of your family?" Why can't more people have that response? Now, don't get me wrong.I am in no way trying to demean working mothers. They have their plates just as overflowing, if not more because they do have the job on top of the home. They have my utmost respect because I really don't think I could handle all that I do at home and a full time job. I am saying that people need to stop thinking that if a woman is staying home to tend to her family and home, then  that doesn't mean she has no identity or is less of a person. To me, this is what God intended for me to do. Where my life will go after the babies are out of the house is still to be determined, but until then, this is my job. I am stepping off of my soapbox for now. Thank you for reading.


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