A Letter to My Mom On Mother's Day...

(Circa 1977)
Dear Mom,
I just wanted to take a minute this Mother's Day to say that I love you and miss you more every day. Even after 20 years, it seems that there are times of the year that the pain gets deeper. This is one, your birthday, my birthday and when you passed. And for some reason, this year is worse than others. I keep thinking about how much you missed of my life. You missed me getting married, my babies being born, them growing up. You missed getting to be the spoiling grandmother I knew you would be. I think the part that I missed the most was the chance to go from the mother/daughter relationship to the friends. We started that but it never got to be where I see others have. I wish we could have had that. I'm thinking of you this weekend. And though I can't buy you presents or flowers like I used to, I'm sending my love to heaven. 

Love, Keri


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