Kroger Mega Event!!!

There was supposed to be a Lindt Chocolate in there too, but Bubby ate it. Guess how much I paid for this? It's 2 things of Kool Aid, 1 Tang, 1 Country Time, Tostitos Dipetizers and Lipton Sparkling tea. 1.52! Yep, you read that right. I paid 1.52. I had the free coupons from the past 3 weeks for the tea, dipetizers and the chocolate (not pictured) and the drink mixes are on sale this week for 1.88, and after the Buy 4 Save 4$, they are .88. On Kroger's website, there are 2 coupons, 1 for 1$ off 2 Kool Aid mixes and 1 for 1$ off 2 Country Time or Tang drink mixes which brings those down to .38 each! Go stock up now!


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