You Must Do Your Homework!

This is our new cordless phone. Our old phone would not hold a charge to save my life. I got really tired of it going dead after about 15 minutes, so I went online to see what kind of prices the cordless phone packages were at WalMart. You know, the ones with more than one handset, but only one is hooked to the phone line? Well, on the site, this particular model pictured was 24.99. I checked and it was in stock at the Walmart I go to so I went this morning. When I picked it up, they had it listed for 33.99! Me being cheap, pulled out my phone and looked it up on the site again and compared the serial number. Sure enough, it was the same one. I took it to customer service and she fixed the price for me! But, if I hadn't done the homework first, I wouldn't have saved almost 10$! So, this was just a PSA to check prices on the websites before going!


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