Spring Cleaning!

Who else does Spring cleaning? When you clean just about everything in the house, top to bottom. You air out the bedding, vacuum everything, you know the kind!
Since spring seems to have come early this year, even with the threat of snow this weekend in VA, go figure, this got me thinking about spring cleaning. Everyone hates spring cleaning, but there is something about refreshing the house for the warm months. Back in the day, they did this deep cleaning to clean out all the smoke and soot from the fireplaces and coal furnaces. Nowadays, we don't have to clean because of that, but the house does accumulate dust and cobwebs and yuck from being closed up all winter. Here's what I do when the spirit moves me to clean-
  • Take out all the winter clothes and replace with the summer ones. The kids love this because they get to see what they outgrew and it means they get new clothes! Bubby especially. I swear that boy grows an inch a day!
  • Wash all the curtains. You'd be surprised at how dirty these get, especially at the top. Dust and cobwebs. And I have found those stupid little stink bugs like to sit in the folds!  Some rooms I may switch out curtains, just to freshen up.
  • Wash all blankets and run pillows through the dryer. When you run the pillows through, throw a tennis ball or two in with them to help fluff. This helps get rid of dust and allergens. 
  • Wash windows on the inside. I gave up on the outside and I'm too short!
  • Take a dust rag to corners of rooms to get rid of any cobwebs. Or use the hose attachment on your vacuum. Also pay attention to the walls. In our old house, we had paneling in our bedroom that loved to catch cobwebs!
  • Take down and dust all pictures.
  • One thing my mom used to do at these cleaning times was wash all her chochkeys. (Spelling?) She had a huge collection of glass cats. I mean huge. So every year she would take them all down and wash them. This is a good idea for all those little glass things you have lying around displayed. If they can't be washed, make sure to dust them.
  • Wash all blankets in the living room. We have a lot of afghans all over our sectional to protect it from cat hair.
  • Wash the dog and put flea medicine on him. This may not seem like spring cleaning, but my dog can only be washed every so often because he gets very dry skin. And he's allergic to fleas so we have to be diligent with the medicine!
  • Take small rugs outside to shake out and run through washing machine if they are able.
  • Take the time now to pull tables away from the wall and vacuum behind and also under your beds and in the cushions of the couch
  • Sprinkle baking soda on your mattresses, let set for 10 minutes and then vacuum with brush attachment to cut down on allergens and refresh. Also flip them if you have flippable ones. And if you can't flip them, rotate them.
That's a short list of things. Let me know what you do for spring cleaning! How do you get ready for the warmer months?


  1. Hopefully the spirit will move me to do some spring cleaning too! LOL love all the tips you shared!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked them!


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