Love Love Love Fulcrum Gallery!

*I received my beautiful picture in exchange for my 100% honest review of the Fulcrum Gallery website.*

I have always been a fan of the arts. Whether it be actual art, classical music, literature, you name it, I love it. So, when the opportunity arose with Fulcrum Gallery to choose a product, I had a really hard time choosing! Their website is fantastic! It's easy to navigate and they have pretty much every artist that has ever been! You can shop by artist, by room, by color, the possibilities are endless! But, they don't just have paintings, they also have vintage prints and home decor, like mirrors. You can also have your own pictures made into prints and have them matted and framed or made into a canvas, which is what I have here. This is a canvas of Starry Night Over The Rhone by Van Gogh. I'm just absolutely in love with it. It's now hanging in my living room where I can see it all the time. The shipping process is very easy. After you choose your print, you choose your finish, whether it be a print or canvas and what kind of framing. And shipping is fast! And I love their return policy. It's a 30 day no questions asked return policy. So, if for any reason you don't like your picture, which I have no idea why you wouldn't, you can ship it back and get a refund, no hassle at all.
You can check them out on their website,
Google +
and YouTube!
They are everywhere! They are a great company and make spectacular products! They also said they encourage stalking so check out all the links!


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