It's That Time Of Year....

Baseball time! This is Bubby a few years ago at his banquet. But, is it just me, or do these boys grow overnight? We had to outfit him completely this year because he's outgrown everything! While Hubby was home this weekend, we went and got him a new bat, glove and helmet. And tomorrow I have to take him to get his cleats because he tried those on yesterday and said they hurt. It's still less stuff than when he played football, but sheesh! I wanna put a brick on his head to make him stop growing! And I couldn't get over the fact that when we were looking at bats, there were bats for upwards of 300-400$! Who spends that much? For Little League? I could understand professional ball players, but Little League? We also have found that shopping at Play It Again Sports helps the budget too. I also like that Dick's has sales to go with the seasons. That's where we are going for the cleats. Because of course, Bubby has outgrown kid sizes and is in young men's. At 10 years old. He has bigger feet than his mother. Go figure.


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