Registration Update!

This is Bubby in front of his 5th grade doorway. ::sniff sniff:: It was very strange going through the school since there has been so many teachers that I knew gone. Many moved to different schools and some retired. I didn't know any of the 5th grade teachers. Doodle and Izzie didn't have any of these. It was very bittersweet walking through. I did find it funny when we went to see the librarian. Every year, I volunteer with the book fair. I've done it since the girls were little. She pointed out to me that she is expecting me in February again. I asked her what was she going to do next year when he's moved to middle school? She laughed at me and said, "The kids may be moving on, but you are coming back. You didn't know that?" I thought that was cute.  Doodle is so excited, she can barely stand it. Bubby not so much. They are all registered though!


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