Just Want To Share..

I didn't have a pic for this story so, here's Bubby! Bubby and I went grocery shopping today at Wally World. It's always interesting to just people watch in Wally World, but sometimes you actually meet interesting people. Today, there was an older gentleman behind us in line with his daughter. I was wearing my Alex Rodriguez Yankees shirt. (Mind you, I don't like A-Rod, I think he's a disgrace, but I like the Yankees and the shirt was cheap!) He said, "Is that a Rodriguez shirt I see?" I said yes, it was. He shook his head and told me he was from Brooklyn and that was a terrible shirt. I told him I was originally from upstate New York, so I shared his feelings. He then proceeded to ask me how did I end up down here in "hell". I giggled and told him I moved with my parents. He then told me that he's been to third world countries that move faster than the South does. I told him I prefer the South because of that. He shook his head and his daughter kept whispering to him to be nice. He then said something about how Southerners probably don't even know what a Yankee is. I told him that yes, they do because I married a Southerner who swore he hated Yankees! He then opened his mouth and then shut it again and then said, "I will hold my tongue." He had me giggling all the way out to the parking lot! It's always interesting who you meet!


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