Is It Just Me?

Or is anyone else disappointed with the selection of backpacks for decent prices this year? We had a horrible time this year trying to find backpacks for a decent price. I didn't want to spend 30$ per kid. Normally, I can find them at WalMart for under 15$ but the selection of the ones under 15$ was pitiful! The kids didn't like them. Target was all too expensive, and normally I don't shop at Kmart but I had looked online and saw that they had them decent priced. We found Bubby a
Sk8er Club camo backpack and they had them 15% off today too! Doodle didn't like any of the ones they had there so we went to Burlington Coat Factory and she found a black sparkly one that she loved because she can put her pins all over it and guess how much it was? 4$! So, now both kids are outfitted. We just have a few supplies we still need to get but we are waiting until after registration day because for some reason, the high school doesn't put lists online and we have to wait to get Doodle's lists from her teachers. What good deals have you found this year? I loved Wal-Mart's .25 stuff. I even got some stuff for the house!


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