I'm actually impressed with Wal Mart!--Update!

UPDATE: I entered a receipt from when I went grocery shopping and got 7.76 back! You can either save up and then have it go to an e-card or you can load it to the card at anytime! 

Have you heard about this? I just saw a commercial for it last night and tried to download the app on my phone but of course, it's not compatible with my version of Android. But, you can just do it on your computer too. Go here and sign in with your Wal Mart account and either download the app so you can scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt, or on your computer, you enter the TC# at the bottom of the receipt. And then after you submit it, they check the prices of what you bought to other stores and if there is a difference, you get a gift card for it! I just submitted my first receipt. You can submit 7 receipts a week. It said it takes 3-5 days to hear back though. But, I think this is a great idea! Go see if you get any money back!


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