Tomato Pie

Now, while we were on vacation, like I mentioned, we had to sit through a 3 hour timeshare presentation. (It was supposed to be a 2 hour!) Our guide was a very sweet older woman who loved to talk. She told us about her daughter and husband and pretty much her life story. She also shared a recipe for Tomato Pie. I had never heard of a tomato pie before. She said she had made 2 the day before and brought them in for her co-workers. For the life of me, I can not remember her exact recipe. But, I found this recipe on Design Corral that looks close. The lady didn't add the cheese or jalapenos. I do remember that. Her topping was the mayonnaise and crushed up Ritz crackers. But, with the abundance of tomatoes this time of year, how can you say no? Go check out the recipe. I think I might try this one soon!


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