Tax Free Weekend!

Here in Virginia, this weekend is the tax-free weekend. For those who don't know, the tax-free weekend is when you can buy clothes and school supplies and have no tax charged on those purchases. Which, when you buy for 2 or more children, really adds up. I figured I would post about some tips I have for surviving this weekend.
1. Expect it to take wayyy longer than you would think. The crowds are worse on this weekend. Wear comfortable shoes, take snacks and something for the 10 year old to play with while you are shopping for the teenaged girl. He will get bored. If you don't have a 10 year old boy, continue to next tip!

2. Have a game plan. Not a strict game plan, but some idea of what stores you want to go to and what you want to buy. Which leads me to #3

3. Have a budget. This is very important. Bubby and I are already having wars because I refuse to spend an arm and a leg on shoes for him. I swear he has Miracle Gro in his shoes with how fast he's growing. Last year he grew out of his shoes in 6 months. It is very easy to want to buy just whatever they want to get the trip over with. But, when you have a set budget, you'll feel much better when you are all done and won't have trouble paying your bills next month!

4. Get the lists from your child's school. In 5th grade the list is a mile long. In high school here, they make me mad because the kids don't find out what they need until registration day which is less than a week before school starts. So, when I go get Bubby's supplies, I get extra of the stuff I know Doodle will need, pens, pencils, paper, index cards, glue sticks, etc.

5. Buy extra. Last year I bought literally, 25-30 glue sticks. We had 1 left over at the end of the year. I always buy more glue sticks, paper, notebooks and folders. They are always less than .50 each and even the college kid uses them!

Above all, try to have fun. Don't look at it as a chore and just keep in mind that they are only in school for so long. Soon, they will be gone and you won't have to do school shopping anymore! When they are trying your patience, keep that in mind!


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