Tax Free Weekend!

Since we were talking about back to school sales the other day, I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the Tax Free Weekend. Most states participate in this and what it is is you don't pay tax for one whole weekend on clothes and school supplies. Now you figure that you are spending upwards of 100$-200$, that adds up! In Virginia, our weekend is August 1-3 this year. I read that Texas is the weekend of August 8. And most stores will have major sales that weekend to get you in there. I know last year, Kohl's had the Kohl's cash sale going on, where you get 10$ in Kohl's cash for every 50$ you spend. Since you have to wait to use that, I usually use it on me! I figure it's payment for shopping with the kids for a whole weekend! I have to say the boy is the easiest. Except when it comes to shoes now. He's very picky about his shoes. The girls I just have to argue with about if it's too short or too revealing! I don't think that argument is ever going to go away!


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