Book Club!

Now before I get into this month's choice, I'll share about last month's. We read The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. I really liked that book. It's about a young girl in the 1700's who becomes an orphan on her voyage to America. When she lands, she is sold as an indentured servant to a large plantation and grows up in the kitchen house with the servants. The family in the big house is made up of a Captain who is never there and his wife who is an opium addict. It's a very good story that keeps moving and keeps you engaged. I highly recommend it.
Now this month's choice is Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. I was warned by our fearless leader, Jordan, that this is a weird book, but that it's good. From what I understand from the inside flap, the father in the story is a West African trickster god and it's about his sons after he dies. It sounds very interesting. So, read along with me!


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