Another Look at My Empty Nest

As I'm sitting here, my house is actually quiet and I only have 1 kid at home. I suddenly realized this is how it will be for a while now. Doodle got a job and is starting athletic training end of this month on top of her job at the library and Izzie has had a job and is going to be moving back on campus next month. I don't think I like this. I was just getting used to Izzie not being at home and now the second kid is not going to be here. My empty nest is getting emptier! Now, granted, Doodle still has this year and next year before college, but she has always been my homebody. This is going to take a little more getting used to than just Izzie I think. But, Bubby is enjoying being an only child! We did have some good news about Izzie though! You know how I posted earlier about how she got her financial aid package and originally she needed a little under 12,000$ for the year to live on campus and had gotten another scholarship for 8500$? Well, she did some more research and discovered that there was another grant that she should have gotten and had contacted financial aid again. She got another 1500$ grant! Her payments will be so low that there isn't any way that she can't cover them! She was so excited when she got the news. So, that's my musing for the day. Anyone else out there dealing with the empty nest? Or have dealt with it? Any advice? Let me know!


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