A Mom Moment

As you know, this is my college student. Recently, she received her financial aid for the year from her college. With what they were offering, she would have still owed almost 12,000$ for the year. As you can guess, we don't have $12,000 sitting around. Well, she surprised me because she took the initiative and emailed her financial aid office and asked if there was any other money that she was eligible for. They emailed her back and said that she was eligible for 8500$ more! I had heard that you don't have to accept the first offer the college gives you. Now the payments are down to where she can even cover them! And she gets to live on campus which makes her sooo much happier! So we are doing the happy dance here! So, for all you with first time kids going off to college, remember you don't have to accept their first offer!


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