What My Week Looks Like

This is my Bubby trying to look like Harry Potter. This week we have a baseball practice, a championship baseball game because the Rattlers won the 2nd half! Yay Rattlers! and a birthday party this weekend. Bubby is going to be 10 in July but we have to have his party this weekend because it was the only one open! He wants to have a skater's party and I'm trying to figure out how to make a skateboard cake. I found one way to do it but the wheels are doughnuts and they look too small compared to the cake. So I'm trying to come up with a different idea for the wheels. So I'm planning a party, baking a cake, running to the baseball field and the library because Doodle volunteers with the summer reading program, and I have gotten on an organizing kick.

 Yesterday I totally cleaned out my laundry room. It had become a dumping ground for the girls. They would go through and clean their rooms and just dump any and all clothes they didn't want in there. This is on top of all my sewing stuff and bottles of water that I hoard. Yes, hoard. About 2 years ago, we had a derecho come through here. A derecho is a straight wind storm, almost like a land hurricane. It knocked out the power for over a week and we had to move into my in-laws house because we couldn't flush the toilet. Ever since, I have kept a major stash of water just in case. So this is what my laundry room looks like now. (I forgot to take a before pic)
Just picture a major pile of clothes, shoes, vacuums, and junk over to the left between my dryer and the cabinet and another pile to the right to where you almost couldn't walk through it! Now I want some shelves to hold like toilet paper, paper towels and such that I overbuy! Oh and notice my little shadow of a kitty who was helping in there!


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