How To Clean Labels Off Jars

Isn't this a pretty bottle? My darling sister in law knows the way to my heart because she bought me Bath and Body Works Sleep lotion and bubble bath for Christmas. The lotion comes in this really pretty blue glass bottle. Well, I had finally used up all the lotion, it had lasted a little over 5 months, but I didn't want to just throw the bottle away. So, I thought I would clean off the label and use it in the kitchen for the hand soap! I read online all about how to clean the labels and remaining residue off and this is the steps that worked for me.
1- Fill the bottle with very hot water. This will melt the glue enough to where you can start peeling the label off. I got lucky with the B&BW labels and they came off in one piece. But, if you have a stubborn one, just keep scraping the label away and if the water gets too cool, refill.

2- Now, you are left with the icky residue. I read all kinds of different treatments for this, nail polish remover, olive oil, etc. This is what I found to work the best and the fastest-
Baby Oil! Just pour some onto a paper towel and rub onto the residue. It took me about 2 times on each side of the bottle. I then just washed the outside of the bottle with Dawn dish soap. Easy and my hands are very soft now! So, now you can clean all those pretty bottles and jars to reuse!


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