Here we go....UPDATE

So I am committing to this "no poo" idea. Here is my before pic. Sorry for the pic. I don't photo well. Here is a pic of the back so you get a better idea of what my hair looks like.
So, in about 3 weeks I will update with an after pic. If any of you are going to come with me on this journey, please leave a comment. And if you have already done this, please leave words of encouragement! I read that the first week is the worst. It's definitely going to take some getting used to not shampooing every time I get in the shower anymore! Hubby isn't sure what to think about it. But, at least during the bad first week, he's on a business trip! So he won't see it! Yay!

UPDATE- I failed. I couldn't make it a week. My hair went crazy with the oil. It was bad. Really bad. I apologize for being weak!


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