Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. This is my grandpa who wasn't in Normandy but was in WWII. He was just in Italy, not France. I think we all should take a moment and remember the bravery of those men and even though it was a very long time ago, make sure we never forget. Most of those boys were very young, just 18-20. My grandpa here was just 19. And yet, they laid down their lives to protect our country. It's just amazing to me. I even saw on the news that at the ceremony they are having in Normandy, they are having paratroopers parachute in and one of them is an 89 year old veteran who was there at D-Day. I think that is a very cool thing. So, take a moment to remember all who fought today and if you know a vet who was there, go tell them thank you!


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