Book Club!

I completely forgot to post about book club last week! But, the week's been crazy, so please forgive me! This month's choice is The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. I have read this before but I loved it so I'm reading it again! It's set back in 1791 and it's about an Irish immigrant girl who is orphaned on the trip over to America and becomes a servant on a plantation. It's a very interesting look into how life was back then. It wasn't good, let's just say. So, if you want to read along with me, feel free. I won't give a follow up since I already told you I loved this one! Last month's Cutting for Stone, I couldn't give a follow up because I didn't finish it. I just couldn't get into the rhythm of the book and just didn't really like it. Which is funny because the book club leader absolutely loved the book! That's why I love going to book club to hear all of the opinions and see the contrasts!


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