It's confirmed~

I really don't like this icky thing. This is Rango Scissorhands. It is my son's and husband's water dragon. But, I'm the one who takes care of it. Well, it decided yesterday to give me a heart attack. The way his cage is set up, he has a big stick that goes up to his hammock in the corner, which is near the top of his cage. I was getting ready to feed him and was dusting the crickets, like I'm supposed to. He very nonchalantly walks up the stick, gets on his hammock, stands on his hind legs and tries to escape. I screamed and started putting my hand in front of him, (I didn't really wanna touch him, I never have). He eased on back into the tank. Scared the devil outta me. I didn't like him before and now I really really don't like him. Just wanted to share.


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