Is it only me?

Remember when bathing suit shopping only meant finding something with your favorite character or color and that was it? Why can't it be that simple when you grow up? Summer is coming. Our vacation is coming. We are going to a beach resort so I need a new bathing suit that is actually flattering. Guess how easy it is to find one? I am short, only about 5'1, and I'm not skinny by any means. After 3 kids, you get hips. No choice in that matter. You also get a belly. I have never felt comfortable in a bikini, even when I was skinny when I was much, much younger. But, I don't want the bottom to have a skirt or to ride up my butt. Is that so much to ask? I also am a little top heavy so I need what boils down to having a bra on top. I can't just wear the ones that are lined. Gravity takes over and it's not pretty. I have looked at our local stores and even online. The one bathing suit that I found that I wanted to try, of course the only size they had left was extra small. I haven't been near that size in over 20 years. So, needless to say, it's been frustrating. Actually infuriating. Is anyone else in this predicament? Is it only me? Does anyone have suggestions? Oh and I don't want to spend an outrageous amount of money for something that only gets worn a few times a year. I refuse to spend 100$ on a bathing suit. Call me cheap but I think that's ridiculous. I'm beginning to hate summer. Maybe I'll just wear shorts and a tank top to swim in.....


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