I want to share...

Last year, Doodle had a mystery illness that had her to the point where she couldn't eat at all. She would go the whole day and only eat an apple because her stomach hurt so bad. She lost a lot of weight. We started at her pediatrician and ended up at a gastroenterologist. But, that doctor could only diagnose her with IBS, which is really, from what I've read, how they diagnose what they don't know. So, I wanted to share what I have found and what worked, because what I believe was wrong with her might be effecting other people.

When Doodle was little, she had ear infection after ear infection. This was back when they gave antibiotics for every ear infection. When she finally grew out of that, she began to have strep infection after strep infection until they finally took her tonsils out. That was back when she was in first grade. Well, from my research, antibiotics, while they are very good medicines, can wipe out your digestive system. Not only do they kill the bad bacteria that is making you sick, it wipes out the good bacteria that is helping to digest your food. And it only takes 1 round. Imagine what happens after many rounds. That is what I believe happened to Doodle. The doctor had her on Prilosec, magnesium, Vitamin D, because she was deficient, and I put her on iron. Then I came across research that was about the damaging effects of antibiotics and how to remedy it. And the way to do that is to take at least a month's worth of probiotics and digestive enzymes. The two feed each other and build your gut back up to where it's supposed to be. Doodle is now almost back to her normal weight, (she's still a little too skinny for my taste) and can eat just about anything she wants, without having to take the acid blockers in order to eat.

I have talked with different people at different ages about this and it's quite prevalent, in my opinion. So, I just wanted to share what to do if you are having digestive issues after taking antibiotics. This ends my PSA for today!


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