Guess What Hubby Did!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Hubby. This was Izzie's senior prom. But, guess what he did? He's been in New York for the past 2 weeks and had told me that he had no idea when he was going to be able to come home and had even told me that the company might send him straight to Minnesota before he got to come home. Last night, Bubby had a baseball practice and soon after we got there, Izzie called and asked how long practice was going to be. Of course, I got suspicious thinking that she was going to try to have friends over or do something she wasn't supposed to. Well, Mary wanted to go to the high school for a band concert and so we got ready to run up there. We were pulling out of the parking lot when a guy on a motorcycle was pulling in. It was Hubby! We got him for the weekend! It was such a wonderful surprise!


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