A Realization~

This is a picture of my kids when Bubby was a baby. I had the realization that with school letting out in a week, Bubby, who is the baby of the family, will be a 5th grader and almost out of elementary school! I will have a sophomore in college, a junior in high school and a 5th grader. After next year, I won't have to go back to the elementary school at all! That's a shock to my system. And to realize that Doodle is graduating in 2 years, only 2 years, is even worse. Is there anyone else suffering from realizations like this? It's just crazy to think it was a blink of an eye from when they were itty bitty babies and now 2 are almost grown up! (Yes, I say Izzie is almost grown up. She acts younger than the other kids most days)
Just can't get over it. I don't think I like it either. The jury's still out on that.


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