Very Cute Idea For Christmas Eve!

A few years back, our library made these little sacks for all the kids and I thought it was the cutest idea to do for the little ones! It's a little reindeer sack filled with glitter and oatmeal.

Stapled to the top is a little paper that reads-
Magical Christmas Dust
This Christmas Eve sprinkle the Magical Christmas Dust on your lawn. The glitter will sparkle in the moonlight and help Santa find your house. The smell of oats will guide the reindeer!

I could so see the littles standing out in the front lawn sprinkling this all over and then coming in and laying out the Christmas cookies for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer! (Yes, my kids had to put out the carrots too!) It would just add that little something extra to the magic! I miss those days! 


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