An idea for your significant other...

Something that I started doing for Hubby at Christmas is the 12 Days of Christmas.
Starting on December 12, he gets a little present every day leading up to his big presents on Christmas morning. Most years, it's a lot of candy. He's a big Reese's fan. Also Skittles. But, I also throw in little dollar store things I find. Like one year, I found a little screwdriver that looked like a pen at Target for about 2$. He loves that thing! He even had guys at work asking where he got it from! But, like I said, just little things. And I think that it really blesses both of us. I really like surprising him and seeing him open the presents and he feels special because I don't do this for anyone else. Just him. That's something that you have to keep in a marriage. You have to make sure to do things that reminds your partner that they are special to you. This is something that I think people forget as the years go by. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary this past August! I believe it takes little things like this to keep the spark in the marriage. Want to make your significant other feel extra special this Christmas? Try this! I promise, a little effort goes a long way!


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