Easy Christmas Wreath!

This is a stock photo of what I made. These kind of wreaths can cost you a lot of money and I make mine every year for a couple bucks.

This is the one from a couple years ago that I had a pic of that had been in storage so it's a little squished. I take them apart and do something different every year. This year, with moving, I just haven't had time. I didn't even get to do my grape vine wreath one! These are very easy and you can get most of what you need from the dollar store or use what you have around the house!

 Here's what you will need-
1 wire hanger
Duct tape
1 pack of garland, whatever color you want (The more garland, the fluffier your wreath will be!)
1 bow
Whatever little decorations you want to put around the wreath
Pack of wire ornament hooks

Now, first thing you're going to do is undo the wire hanger. This can be tricky. I have found that using a pair of my husband's pliers work the best. When you have it taken apart, you then need to bend it into a circle. A table edge will help get the corners out. When you have it in a circle that suits you, take the duct tape and wrap it around the ends to hold it together and protect against the edges scratching something. Now for the fun part!

Take your garland and start winding it around your circle. Just keep going around and around till you use up all the garland. The more garland you have, the fuller the wreath will be. Once you reach the end, take one of the hooks and bend it around the end to hold it. These usually are quite bendable. Then the decorations you chose, take them and use the wire hooks to secure them around your wreath however you would like. Attach your bow with one of the hooks and there you have it! And you can personalize them however you would like and make as many as you would like! Put one in every windown! Have fun with it!


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