Great egg tip!

Who makes deviled eggs for holidays? See me waving my hand? I got designated the egg maker in my husband's family. But, there's a funny story behind that, which if you've read this blog for a while, you've heard. When I got married, I knew NOTHING about cooking. I could boil water and then not very well. The first Thanksgiving I spent with my husband's family, his mom asked me to bring the deviled eggs. I had never made them in my life. I tried to follow the recipe and did the best I could. They all told me that the eggs were good. Fast forward 10 years. I decided to make some eggs one year just because, to see if I could. My husband tries them and tells me that they are soooo much better than that first batch years and years ago. I asked what he meant. Come to find out, the eggs were horrible. Dry. Terrible. My mother in law and hubby, to spare my feelings, come up with a plan to get me out of the house while my mother in law dumped mine in the garbage and made a new batch. I was so mad at them for not telling me. But now I can make them. I do for every occasion.
               But I just found this really neat tip I may try next time to make them peel better. I found it on Pinterest but it's from Mom On A Mission. She puts hers in an ice bath after the cooking process and then shakes the heck outta the pan to get the shell off. I know that's the part I hate to do since I have to peel at least 12 eggs. My best friend found that this really works! But go check out her tutorial and see what you think!


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