What I'm going to clean today...

I figure I would start this little segment on here since this blog is supposed to be about a cheat sheet for housewives, who we know our job is never done. Now yesterday, I kind of got the day off since it was hubby's company picnic and we spent the day playing games. So today, I have a lot. Besides the never ending mountain of laundry and dishes, (does that EVER go away?) the one task I am going to do that I don't normally do is dust the ceiling fans. Ours stay going all the time in the summertime and you would think that since it's moving, it wouldn't be but so dirty, but they get bad. I have tried the Swiffer dusters, but I wasn't happy with how much was left behind. So the easiest way I know to clean it is to just get up on a chair with a washcloth and Pledge, spray the cloth and wipe the blades and the light fixture. And make sure to wipe your light bulbs too. They need attention just like everything else!!


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