This is my resident stalker...

Don't let her fuzzy cuteness fool you. She would like to be a cold blooded killer. Since we got the icky thing (AKA Rango Scissorhands, the stupid lizard) she has stalked his cage with enthusiasm. I have found her sitting on top of the cage, next to it, and now her current perch is lying on the end of the couch staring at him sleeping. She's creepy.
A little history behind this cat. My son found her about 2 years ago under our house. He heard her mewing from in our crawl space and came running inside. I pulled the piece of wood away from the opening of the space to find a little gray head peeking out of the insulation. She was about 4 weeks old when we found her and we think that she was the runt, which was why she was all alone.
This is what she looked like right after we found her. She could fit in one hand. Now she's a spoiled rotten diva who thinks she rules this house. And my dog is just old and lazy enough to not care. He was another stray that my husband found and brought home almost 10 years ago. He's a fat, spoiled old man. All our animals, with the exception of the icky thing, find us instead of vice versa. And then I spoil them rotten and fatten them up. Isn't that the way it should be?? =)


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