The story of the 18 year old who had 3 cars in 2 months

This is my 18 year old's new car she just bought today. This is her 3rd car since June. Her first car she bought the day of graduation, a Ford Festiva, yellow. Good little car, but alas, she would have to have patience to learn to drive a stick shift. She bought it on a Thursday, slammed through the house on Saturday telling me she hated it and that she was going to drive it off a cliff because she couldn't get out of first. It was sold on Monday. Then she bought a 1992 Geo Storm. This was a disaster from the beginning. When she started the car, it wouldn't keep running. It would stall if she shifted out of park too soon. She would have to let it warm up at least 10 minutes before moving. That little car lasted until last week. She had driven across town with a bunch of friends and I get a phone call saying "Dorota (her name for the car) died on the side of the expressway. Don't worry my friend's dad is coming" She thought her dad wasn't in town yet, but he was. We had to tow it home and it's dead. Completely and utterly dead. And of course, 11 days before her soccer practices start at her college, which are 3 times a day so she can't be without a car. So now she is the proud owner of a 1999 Saturn station wagon. I sincerely hope this one lasts a little longer than the 2 that came before it. As you can see, life is never, ever boring around here. And people wonder where my sanity went.

Picture courtesy of the middle child. I was told I had to put that.


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