My project today....

This is what all my spoons, spatulas, tongs, etc were housed in. The utensils were falling out or my kids would just shove them on top because they were filled to the brim. I had told Hubby the other night I wanted to find a bigger thing to house it all in, but wanted it to match my kitchen that I had just finished redecorating in June. I had painted it pink and off white and covered the outlet covers and switch covers like this--
I covered them with shelf paper that I had found at the Dollar Tree. Well, I got an idea this afternoon to find a big coffee can and cover it to match the covers. Well, I had no big coffee can, which was surprising since I drink A LOT of coffee. I had only little ones. But then, I found this--
I had bought a big bucket of cookie cutters a while ago but the top broke to it and the bucket was just sitting there. So I put all the cutters in a big Ziploc bag, which was better to keep the dust off anyways, cleaned out the bucket and cut the shelf paper big enough to wrap around the bucket. The key to doing the ends is that you have to notch the paper every 1-2 inches or so and then fold the notched piece down. Don't cut past the lip of the bucket so you get a nice finished edge. The whole project took less than 20 minutes. And here's the finished product--
I still have room left over in it for even more utensils!! And it's pretty! I'm very proud of myself. What frugal decorating have you done?



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