My poor kitty...

This morning was traumatic for my poor little kitty. If you remember from my previous post about her, we found her when she was very small, about 4 weeks. She has never been around other animals except our dog, Kojack. Well, this morning she was sitting on our living room window sill and our windows are open. A neighborhood cat got brave and came up to the screen and put its nose up to hers on the other side of the screen. She reared up, hissed and let out a growl like I have never heard out of her before. Her hair on her back stood up, her tail fluffed out and I've never seen her eyes that big. It scared the devil outta her. So my dog took over as the big brother and chased that cat outta the yard. It took a long time for her to calm down. I realized she's never had any contact with another cat before. When she would finally let me pick her up, she huddled under my chin. She was so traumatized. Poor little thing..


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